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    Welcome to the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers official website! We are an organization of like minded professionals dedicated to the advancement of the photographic arts in Upstate New York. We are one of eleven sections of Professional Photographers Society of New York State and we are an affiliate of Professional Photographers of America.

    On this website you will find articles and links designed to help you find professional photographers for all your photographic needs. Whether you are getting married, looking for portrait work or just looking for some great pieces of visual artwork, you will find it here.

    If you are a professional photographer who is interested in networking with other professionals, please join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more information about our monthly meetings.

    Our meetings begin with a social hour from 6 - 7 pm followed by the main program from 7 - 9 pm. Your first meeting is complimentary - so come check us out!

May Meeting Recap: Learning Lightroom!

We were so fortunate to have Marty Grivjack come in to teach us more about some of the awesomeness of Adobe Lightroom.

He did a fantastic job opening up our eyes to its benefits and gave us some really great insider tips about the way he uses it to edit, and organize images. He gave us great workflow methods and even showed us key editing features that we often ignore because we don’t know how it could help us.

If you missed him here, he’ll be offering his week long program in much more detail at the PPSNYS Workshop this July. You don’t want to miss it!

Photos in this post by: Hayes Photography


Will Cadena: Lighting on the Run Recap

Oh man, if you weren’t there, you missed a great one. Seriously, we learned SO much from Will Cadena’s Seminar here in Rochester. It’s not every day that a guy with this much energy, skill and love for learning wants to teach others.

We learned some awesome tips and techniques to use flash anywhere. We practiced alongside him, everywhere from a hotel room, the hallway, the dining room, to three stories up.

His red bull fueled energy and awesome personality was completely infectious, and kept the whole room excited for the entire day. Every photographer there learned something new, no matter what their current skill level.

We want to give a huge shout out to Will, his awesome wife Amy and to our two models Laura and Kevin Thompson for sharing the day with us. What a great day of learning!


Shooting into the sun – a before and after shot, with and without the flash, Photos by: Lori & Erin Photography


Using reflections, and flash in the dining room to create dramatic portraits. Photos by: Adrian DeJesus Photography


Will’s personality shows through! Photo by: Lori & Erin Photography


How many photographers fit in one hotel room?

Join us next time, won’t you?

May Meeting: Learn Lightroom with PPA Instructor, Marty Grivjack

Enjoy two hours of Adobe Lightroom’s best, as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom expert/author/instructor and PPA Imaging instructor Marty Grivjack takes you on a tour of the power and lightning-fast editing speed of Lightroom CC. You’ll see all the new features demonstrated, as well as observe a live image editing session so you can witness the process first-hand. Bring your own images on a flash drive if you’d like to see how they could be optimized. Lightroom is THE go-to image editor and organizer today — do not miss this compelling presentation! You’ll see why it’s time to stop dabbling with Lightroom and just dive in!

SOCIAL TIME: will be at NOX in the Village Gate from 6-6:45.

MEETING BEGINS: We’ll then head over to our meeting location (Gay Alliance, 100 College Ave) for our 7-9pm meeting.

Join us! we can’t wait to see you there!


April Recap: Steve Chesler on Sports

Photography comes in many varieties. Landscapes, portraits, weddings, products – and this month we talked about sports. More to the point, we talked about the ins and outs of sports photography thanks to Steve Chelser of Chesler Photography. He’s photographed everything from professional bull riding to little league baseball. It was interesting to learn some tips and ideas on how to improve our shots if we ever have the chance to photograph a game.

We learned a little about how he anticipates a great shot and how instead of taking “boring team photos,” he makes them unique with composites and products that clients love.

Parents love professional images of their little superstars on the field, because there’s no way their iPhone can’t capture that shot! And with unique products like t-shirts and pendants, it’s a slam dunk! (See what I did there?)

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his expertise with us, and to Josh Saunders of Helio Sun Photography for these images from the meeting!

Written by: Erin of Lori & Erin Photography


Why GRPP and Conventions are Important

So a few weeks ago, the state chapter (PPSNYS) of PPA threw a 3 day “party” called Focus NY. This convention happens every year, and is unique because it came with tons of learning opportunities for photographers across New York State who are members of their local and state chapter of PPA.

Each and every person who attended had the chance to meet and learn from other photographers – some nationally known, some who might be in their neighborhood. What’s great is, everyone has a story to share, and something to teach. Whether you’re a new, part-time, full-time or veteran photographer there’s something to learn from being with a great group of like minded individuals for a few days straight.

Ok, so I hear what you might be saying – “But I can learn everything I need to know about photography from the internet. I don’t need this organization.”

Yes, you can learn a lot from Facebook groups or webinars. But let’s face it, photographers can spend a lot of time alone in front of the computer, with no one to talk to all day except the dog. And Fido can’t give advice.

Online, you don’t get one on one time with nationally acclaimed photographers and speakers. You don’t get to sit down with people you might admire, face to face and ask them important questions.

And you definitely don’t get lasting friendships from the internet. You don’t get a network of professionals, who would have your back if (God forbid) you break your leg the day before a big wedding. You don’t build partnerships and relationships that 20 years from now, are still going strong.

You get that from conventions like Focus NY, and from groups like ours, like GRPP.

I repeat, you don’t get that online.

Written by Erin of Lori & Erin Photography | Photo by Will Cadena Imagery


Roberto Valenzuela leads a class on posing | Photo by Will Cadena Imagery

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