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    Welcome to the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers official website! We are an organization of like minded professionals dedicated to the advancement of the photographic arts in Upstate New York. We are one of eleven sections of Professional Photographers Society of New York State and we are an affiliate of Professional Photographers of America.

    On this website you will find articles and links designed to help you find professional photographers for all your photographic needs. Whether you are getting married, looking for portrait work or just looking for some great pieces of visual artwork, you will find it here.

    If you are a professional photographer who is interested in networking with other professionals, please join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more information about our monthly meetings.

    Our meetings begin with a social hour from 6 - 7 pm followed by the main program from 7 - 9 pm. Your first meeting is complimentary - so come check us out!

Photo Safari Recap: Warner Castle

In July, we welcomed two guest photographers and two models to join our group at Highland Park for our photo safari.  Dana Merkur and George Jweid shared their talents and expertise photographing our models Caitlin and Trevor.  The many who attended were able to photograph alongside, while watching Dana and George set up various lighting and posing techniques.  Lots of discussion led to additional learning which is what we strive for with our organization.  The evening ended with some social time at a local bar sharing stories and ideas.  A big thank you to both photographers, the two models and to all who attended the event!  Also, a special thank you to Adrian DeJesus for shooting the behind-the-scenes images.

photo right: Isaf Merkur Studio

photo right: Isaf Merkur Studio

photo right: Isaf Merkur Studio

Both photos: George Jweid Photography

Both photos: George Jweid Photography



Upcoming Meeting: A Partnership Presentation

In September, we’re going to welcome two of our own GRPP members, Lori Coleman and Erin Perrotta from Lori & Erin Photography to share their insights on partnerships.

After over 5 years of working together, Lori & Erin have handled both the ups and downs of sharing a business. They know that partnerships aren’t for everyone, but if you’re considering it we have some tips on how and why you’d want to form one. They’ll talk a little about everything from paperwork and helpful technology, to accountability and flexibility, and yes, even finances.

This discussion is for small business owners who may be looking to branch out and grow in a smart and meaningful way. It’s about how your best friend can also be your business partner, and how they’ve not only survived, but thrived as both.

Join us at The Grand, 389 Gregory St, Rochester, NY 14620 on September 14th at 7:00 to learn more!
Social Hour will be at Tap & Mallet across the street from 6:00-7:00.

August Annual Picnic

Every year, our fun group gathers to just enjoy each other’s company. No learning necessary, just good food and good families who happen to include photographers.

This year we were welcomed back to Chris Kogut’s beautiful home and gardens. We’re very thankful for her constant giving spirit and kindness for opening her home to us.

If you missed it, we wish you were there. Please join us next time, learn with us, and just get to know us. Because we can’t wait to meet you!

Photograph by Lori Coleman of Lori & Erin Photography

Photograph by Lori Coleman of Lori & Erin Photography

July Meeting: Photo Safari at Warner Castle

This month we’re lucky to have two very talented photographers from the Central group of PPSNYS to present a photo excursion to Warner Castle.  Dana Merkur and George Jweid will be conducting an educational program with two models where they will utilize their expertise and skills in shooting seniors and couples on location.  Attendees will learn a variety of poses and lighting situations as well as other skills that will help them create beautiful portraits.  Dana and George will work together and separately to present two very different ways to approach portraiture.  Bring your camera and notebook.  You won’t want to miss out on this fun and exciting summertime photo event!    


Isaf-Merkur Studio opened its doors in 1986 with the goal to give Central NY a one of a kind photography experience. Going into our 30th year in the industry, we pride ourselves in providing something extraordinary.  We are a family owned and operated business that strive to create lasting memories.

Dana holds countless awards from his years in business, showcasing  his skills as a photographer. His most recent awards at Focus NY in 2016, every image he entered placed. In 2011 Dana was also awarded as a Master Photographer by Senior Photographers International. He has continued to push the limits of our industry with new and inovative lighting techniques and coined the phrase “Where Photography is Still an Art.”

Aiello, Julianna-174 cv

George Jweid Photography:  A few short years ago, I was substitute teaching and working as a manager in a local restaurant when I broke my point & shoot camera one day. For some reason I felt it was necessary to replace it with a DSLR camera. When I realized what I could do with this amazing new toy (if I learned to use it properly, of course) I began learning as much as I could as quickly as possible. The following spring, I was afforded the opportunity to photograph my first wedding and was instantly hooked. After each shoot, I would harshly critique myself in hopes to grow from the experience.

I continue to strive for growth and new creativity every time I pick up the camera. Since that accident of ruining my little digital camera, I have photographed over 150 weddings and run a successful studio in Syracuse. I am a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America), as well as PPSNYS (Professional Photographers of New York State). Also, I am currently the treasurer of our local professional photography organization which is affiliated with both PPSNYS and PPA.

I have worked as a full time photographer for a few years now, and have loved every moment of it. However, I have recently accepted a teaching position at Morrisville-Eaton Central School District. While working at Morrisville-Eaton, I have decided to keep my studio active, as well as continuing to photograph weddings throughout the year. I strive to offer each and every one of my clients the best quality experience and product that I can possibly give. Knowing that I am creating memories that will last a lifetime drives me to improve daily. 


Jweid baseball

Event Date/Time:  Wednesday, July 13, 6-8:30pm

Location:  Warner Castle, 5 Castle Park, Rochester, NY 14620

Inclement Weather Location:  Village Gate, 274 Goodman St N, Rochester, NY 14607  (meet at the back parking lot entrance)

Social Time:  After the event TBD

June Meeting Recap: Entrepreneurship With Confidence

We’d like to thank Sheila Kennedy of The Zebra Inc. for joining us for our June meeting to discuss Entrepreneurship, the ins and outs of having a business and charting a course to success and financial growth.  Sheila was able to touch on a variety of topics concerning our membership as well as topics that we all struggle with and provided us with some tools to help us on our way.  From the sharing of personal stories to tried and true experiences, we all felt an increase in confidence and self-worth that often times is missing in the day to day operations of small business ownership.  Thank you Sheila!

Our new location, The Grand: 389 Gregory Street, Rochester NY, was a perfect spot to relax, discuss and learn.  Surrounded by vintage furniture, clothing and beautiful photography and located just across the street from Tap & Mallet, it was a great evening.  Thanks to Jane Vintage, Revival Vintage Rentals and McKay’s Photography for opening up your new home to our members!


As the current president of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State and current Treasurer of the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers organization, Pat Luke discusses the upcoming year to our group.


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Sheila Kennedy shares stories, experiences and tools to build our businesses with confidence.



GRPP Program Director, Linda Dow Hayes, talks about upcoming programs to the membership.





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