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    Welcome to the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers official website! We are an organization of like minded professionals dedicated to the advancement of the photographic arts in Upstate New York. We are one of eleven sections of Professional Photographers Society of New York State and we are an affiliate of Professional Photographers of America.

    On this website you will find articles and links designed to help you find professional photographers for all your photographic needs. Whether you are getting married, looking for portrait work or just looking for some great pieces of visual artwork, you will find it here.

    If you are a professional photographer who is interested in networking with other professionals, please join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more information about our monthly meetings.

    Our meetings begin with a social hour from 6 - 7 pm followed by the main program from 7 - 9 pm. Your first meeting is complimentary - so come check us out!

Bruce Hahn wins Executive Council Award!!

The Professional Photographers Society of New York State 2010 Executive Council Award was presented to Bruce Hahn in recognition of “the person, selected by the PPSNYS council for significant contributions toward the advancement of this society.” The award was presented to Bruce during the annual convention awards banquet Sunday night!

Bruce has been instrumental in the development and support of the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers! It is really awesome that the whole State feels the same way about one of our own!

Congratulations, Bruce from Hahn Photographic! THANK YOU for all that you do for Photographers all over! Photos and interview to follow….

March Focus on a GRPPster is with Bruce Hahn:

GRPP: Hahn Photographic is in a very interesting building, please tell me a little about the business and how it arrived in a fire house.

Hahn: The Firehouse was built around 1910 and there were horse drawn fire ‘trucks’ at the time. My father ran Hahn Photographic (opened 1952) and bought the building in 1982.

GRPP: What brought your Father to the photographic supplies business?

Hahn: He was a travel photographer and used slides, so was very interested in all things photographic.

GRPP: Did you follow in his footsteps?

Hahn: Well, I love to travel and have been to all of America’s lower 48 states and a lot of Europe. I think my next trip will be to either Alaska or Hawaii.

GRPP: What other hobbies do you have?

Hahn: Cooking and race cars

GRPP: Where have you not been that you would like to visit?

Hahn: Ireland

GRPP: Where would you live if you weren’t in Rochester?

Hahn: Out west

GRPP: You have been married for 9 years… do you remember who your wedding photographer was?

Hahn: Yes, we were very happy with him! We used Joe Pellingra Photography

GRPP: How many employees does Hahn Photographic have?

Hahn: We have 7 employees, including myself

GRPP: What is your favorite part of your job?

Hahn: The customer interactions. I enjoy solving photographer’s problems and helping them.

PPSNYS Convention

Hello to all,

Convention is just days away and everything has come together. Not only are we going to have great education, but great fun, parties, food and friendship. Why, we’re even having the largest trade show we have seen in many, many years. I’m excited and ready to be inspired!

Taking into account any errors or omissions which I may have made, I’d like to offer my opinion of what PPSNYS is and how we operate.

What is PPSNYS?
We are an organization dedicated to educating photographers and have been educating photographers for over 100 years! I know I don’t look that old but I’ve heard that we have some members that go back to charcoal, berries and cave wall drawings! All joking aside, PPSNYS is a dedicated group of members distributed across all of New York State and beyond. These members have grouped together in areas around the state to meet, learn and grow as photographers. These groups are called sections. Sections are self sufficient groups of PPSNYS members. There are not individual state and section memberships, there are only PPSNYS memberships. You participate with a group of PPSNYS members (sections) who have gathered together and established their own procedures and fees to regulate how their group is run. These procedures, generally called a constitution and by-laws, help guide how these members conduct the business of their group and are not allowed to conflict with the PPSNYS constitution. All members are required by the PPSNYS constitution to associate themselves with a group (section). Each section has delegates, the number of which are determined by the number of members participating in the section. Delegates, section chairs, workshop trustees, past presidents and the officers make up what is known as the Executive Council. The Executive Council meets 4 times a year to oversee the operations of PPSNYS. Daily operations are done by the officers and business service. Changes on how PPSNYS operates or the direction PPSNYS goes is controlled by the officers and council. The ideas or concerns of members should be brought to your council delegate for them to bring up at the next council meeting. By the way, I also highly recommend communicating your ideas and concerns to the president or another officer also. PPSNYS wants to represent its membership. Every year at convention the entire membership of PPSNYS (those in good standing and having met voting requirements) have the right to participate at two annual meetings of PPSNYS and vote on the proposed slate of officers, trustees and delegates at large (they represent all of PPSNYS not just their area) along with any other nominations or business presented at the meetings.

I know this description is very basic but there are a lot of members who really don’t know how PPSNYS operates. I want them to know that PPSNYS is about fulfilling their needs and goals. PPSNYS is my inspiration, teacher and social network of friends.

I’ve heard the economy is tough out there! (I speak from direct experience!) That’s why we need to “Learn More to Earn More”. Whether it’s by convention, workshop, seminars, local programs or my best choice, an experienced PPSNYS member who has become my newest or oldest friend, we all need to learn, grow and adapt in order to prosper.

I look forward to seeing you at our first Northeast Regional District Convention (history in the making) and our last PPA regional print judging of PPSNYS and PPO (Ontario, Canada).

Craig Hutchings
PPSNYS President

March Meeting – “InDesign” with Margaret Boecker

Photos by: Denise Batiste (GRPP Event Photographer)

Guest speaker, Margaret Boecker from the Community Darkroom, is an assistant instructor for the Adobe program “In Design”. She will be sharing basics and tips on the professional album designing software.

Adobe In Design is currently the industry standard for page layout programs. It is designed to be compatible with other Abode products and contains many of the features
found in programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.  In Design is a powerful tool for graphic designers and creative professionals looking to publish graphic materials.

Class Objective

1. Create multi-page documents containing pictures, text and other graphic elements.

2. Preparing photos and graphics for use with InDesign.

3. Saving your documents to be published or viewed on the web.

Date and Time:

Wednesday, March 10th
6-7 is networking, print critique
7-7:30 is GRPP and PPSNYS updates (Conference, Workshop, etc)
7:30-9 will be Margaret’s presentation
Hope to see you there!

February’s Meeting – “Get a Grip on Lighting”

February’s meeting was action packed… Before the main event with Tim Toal ( ) and Patrick Luke (, the evening started out with the swearing in of the new GRPP officers. PPSNYS President Craig Hutchings made the trip to officiate the proceedings ( Craig is the only one that knows the secret handshake, plus, he wanted to hang with some of the best photographers in Upstate New York ), the new GRPP officers for 2010 are… President, Heather McKay ( ). Vice President/Programs, Sue Egan ( ). Treasurer, Patrick Luke ( ). Membership/Website, Scott Crist ( ). Secretary/Website, Terri Parthum (

GRPP_Logo_Blue_lrHeather McKay unveiled the new GRPP logo that was created by Erin Perrotta ( ). Look for members with our new logo, it’s a graphical update that brings a modern and regional feel, representing today’s Greater Rochester Professional Photographer. If you are a current GRPP member and would like to add the new logo to your website, blog, or marketing collateral, please contact Scott Crist or Terri Parthum for the proper files.

Tim Toal and Patrick Luke gave a great seminar with “Get a Grip on Lighting”, covering everything from lighting techniques to the proper tools to get that award winning portrait that your clients demand from a professional photographer. Tim’s studio was packed with all the latest and greatest toys that puts a smile on the face of any studio photographer and Patrick brought his knowledge and expertise for the “improvised” tools that can be found in daily life. (we’re still not sure if Patrick’s wife knew he had their shower curtain)

Photos by: Denise Batiste, GRPP event photographerGet_A_Grip_GRPP01Get_A_Grip_GRPP02Get_A_Grip_GRPP03

President’s Message from Heather McKay

Well 2010 is looking like it will be a landmark year for GRPP! I am so happy to see so many talented Photographers coming to the meetings and participating in our group. With a full set of Officers this year, we are sure to have a great year of monthly programs as well as streamlined communication.

Current 2010 GRPP Officers are:
President, Heather McKay (
Programs, Sue Egan (
Treasurer, Patrick Luke (
Membership/Website, Scott Crist (
Secretary/Publicity, Terri Parthum (
Meeting Photographer, Denise Batiste (

Congratulations to Erin Perrotta for winning the GRPP new logo contest! Erin has won one year’s worth of GRPP dues (an $85 value) for her hard work coming up with a modern logo for GRPP.

Our meeting attendance is gaining ground and this is very exciting! Not only are new members signing up each month, but they are coming back for more. Hopefully this means that we are a welcoming group with practical information being presented each month. Sue has done a great job lining up some awesome programs this year and if you want a sneak peek, then check out GRPP’s Facebook Group for more information or check back here regularly.

Another exciting development for 2010 are our new Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) study groups! The first group just finished their 12 weeks and are continuing to meet each week to practice everything that was learned. We all had “a ha!” moments going through each chapter and it was also an excellent way to really get to know other GRPP members and their strengths! The next CPP study group is set to meet this coming week to determine the times/locations of their weekly meetings and to get an over view of what to expect. If you are interested in joining the next study group, please contact Robert (Bob) Steere for more information… or 377-4037.

The PPSNYS Convention and Trade Show is coming up in Albany on March 25-28 and is an invaluable resource of information. If you want to see where your PPSNYS/GRPP dues are going, this is the place to be! We have an awesome group of Photographers who run the Council and the Conference Committee has done an outstanding job lining up amazing speakers, vendors and activities for this event! Our very own, Deb Woodard, has been instrumental in making the Convention a success (and FUN!). We will have carpooling and room-sharing information on the Facebook Group Discussion Board, or you can contact Deb at for more information on the GRPP Hospitality Suite and other logistics.

Have a great winter and thanks again to all of my Officers for volunteering their time and expertise to make GRPP the premiere photographic group in Rochester, NY!

See you at the next GRPP meeting!
Heather McKay
GRPP President
McKay’s Photography

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