July 2018 Two Day TEP with John Aitken _ The Ultimate Portrait Experience

Join us on July 12 and 13 for an extensive TWO DAY Portrait Workshop with Central New York’s John Aitken.

During this Event you will learn how to create great session experiences, Senior Ambassador Programs, Model Networks, BIG Sales system and much much more!

This will be a hands on learning event so bring your cameras and get ready to shoot. There will be ample time allotted to work with and photograph the models on the beautiful banks of the Erie Canal in the Village of Spencerport.

Don’t miss out on this unique educational and business building experience:

Thursday and Friday July 12-13, 2018

Two Day Program $125

One day Program $85

Sign up for the Two day session by Thursday July 5th to be entered into a drawing for one of two $50 Gift Certificates from Hunt’s Photo and Video.

Other Event Sponsor giveaways include:

John Aitken Ultimate Portrait Experience - July 12-13 9am to 5pm

About John Aitken:

John W. Aitken was born in Baltimore Maryland and moved to New York in 1999 to pursue a new art teaching opportunity. John has been an Art Teacher since 1991 & more recently started a second career as a photographer in 1996 when Aitken Photography was born. John is the father of twins and enjoys spending all his free time with his beautiful wife Abby and their children. Only 4 months after the arrival of his twins, John made the decision to become a professional photographer. John has learned how to streamline a balance between his family, teaching and photography aspirations to develop a very successful home based studio. John has developed a brand that has grown him a huge following of fans and has expanded his sales beyond anything he could have imagined.

John started out as a wedding photographer but his primary focus is seniors and their families (although John continues to photograph weddings as a way to stay connected to the lucrative referral based business he built over the years). John continues to expand and refine his knowledge through reading, attending workshops, watching tutorials and experimentation.

John has been a member of PPSNYS/PPSCNY since the inception of his photography career and has had the honor of being past President for two years and is currently Vice President focusing on planning educational programs.

John gives back to the community of photographers by openly sharing his knowledge with others and through hosting model shootouts and other teaching events. John is excited to teach about his philosophy, the approach he takes when behind the camera and the sales system that works in tandem with the ultimate senior experience he provides.

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