November Meeting Recap: Lindsay DeDario

In November,we were fortunate to have a visit with Buffalo-based photojournalist and wedding photographer Lindsay DeDario.  Averaging about thirty-five weddings a year , Lindsay got involved with Reuters, an international news agency, several years ago beginning her photojournalism career.  The transition wasn’t that big of a change from her wedding photography style which shows imagery that isn’t too posed and always looks for stories and personalities.  Storytelling is an important part of her work which she believes fully that the connection your make to the subjects and photographs you shoot can produce some of the strongest images.  While viewing a variety of her images, as well as historically striking and iconic images, she spoke of the trifecta of storytelling through photography.  First, know your technical stuff, which is the least important piece, but still necessary.  Next, decide how you will communicate the story and then finally, make sure you create some kind of feeling/emotion. If you hit those three points, you’ve got a strong image.  Emotion trumps all!

It was a pleasure to have Lindsay join us at the Flower City Arts Center.Thank you Lindsay! We’d also like to thank all who attended from members to guests.  It was great to see everyone!


tammy wellsDecember 13, 2017 - 3:32 PM

Hi, This is Tammy, I am a Deaf photographer. Eric Kunsman was recommended me to come to workshop and learn more about being photographer’s role and go on. I have so much questions to ask and want to meet other photographers as well. I just graduated from RIT in Visual Media ( BFA ) Let me know when is next workshop and how much it cost and will provide an interpreter as well? Let me know. Many thanks for your time.

Happy Holidays.
Tammy Wells

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