April Meeting Recap: Boudoir Photography Rochester NY

If you missed this month’s meeting, you missed an empowering evening. Teri Fiske of Ciao Bella Boudoir gave us insight into the world of boudoir photography. I believe that each one of us came away with at least one thing to think about – whether about posing, or about why photographing boudoir is important, and especially about what it can mean to our clients.

Photography can be a powerful thing, for so many different reasons. In Teri’s eyes, boudoir photography isn’t about taking the sexiest portrait possible. Rather, it’s about giving back a confidence to her clients that they may not have had before that day. For some, that can be a life changing experience. So obviously, as the photographer, it should not be taken lightly.

Thank you, Teri for an inspirational and educational presentation!


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