November Meeting: Follow-Up

Where has the time gone?  This follow-up to our November meeting is obviously way over-due, but it was worth the wait!  We were pleased to welcome Kelly Schulze of Mountain Dog Photography to Rochester, all the way from Vermont, to present her program about pet portraits.  Lori and Erin brought their dogs, Molly and Allie, to model so that Kelly could show us what a real pet portrait session might look like.  Both dogs responded perfectly to the situation.  That doesn’t mean they stayed or sat (all the time) and when that happened, we could see how Kelly worked to get them and their owners to work together for the best portrait situation possible complete with studio lighting, a backdrop and squeaky toys!

The second part of Kelly’s program gave us a bigger picture on the world of pet portraits including working with animals outside the traditional pet norm.  We learned that each animal species has unique characteristics that come into play when photographing them and further that each individual animal is truly unique unto itself.  In other words, getting to know that particular animal will help you immensely in having a successful session.

A long awaited thank you to Kelly for coming to educate us, Heather McKay for allowing us the use of The Grand and to all our members who turned out for a truly terrific program!

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