October Meeting Wrap-Up

Our October meeting was a really excellent opportunity to get some perspective on customer service.  TJ Houston of TJ Shots in Ashland, OH brought his enthusiasm, passion and energy to Rochester with his Killer Customer Service program.  He started off with a live video (too cool!) on Facebook!!!2016oct18_015

During his presentation, TJ covered everything that has to do with customer service from the first point of contact, where to meet for that first meeting and client talking points, to staying organized, creating workflow systems, and how to handle the day of the session.  Of course he discussed gear-type (he’s fully mirror-less),  social media and how truly connecting with your clients is the best thing you can do.  Being and staying positive seems to be TJ’s mantra in work and life.  We were delighted to have him as our guest in Rochester!  Make sure to connect with him on Facebook and check out his website




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