November Meeting: Pet Portraits w/ Kelly Schulze

For our November meeting, we’re welcoming Kelly Schulze, Photog., CPP.  She is the award-winning owner of Mountain Dog Photography in northern Vermont. Kelly is known for her animal portraiture, especially her work related to animal adoption. She and her husband, Ian, volunteer weekly at the largest animal shelter in the state and provide pro bono portraits of animals ready for adoption. Kelly has been an animal lover her entire life. She volunteered for her local shelter in high school, attended an agricultural high school, and majored in Animal Science at University of Vermont. In addition to domestic animals, Kelly has a passion for wildlife and family vacations are often planned around a particular species or ecosystem. Kelly and Ian share their lives with 5 cats, 4 dogs, and 2 horses. Several chickens also give the family fresh food, insect control, and entertainment.





Program Description:

“Animal Portraiture: Understanding animal behavior and asking the right questions will help you create portraits that clients love to buy”

Successfully including animals into portrait sessions isn’t just “sit, stay”; it’s also about finding out how the animals relate to your client. In her presentation, Kelly will show you that pet portraits are just one segment of the larger animal portrait category and that you can thrill your clients by focusing on how they share their home and life with their animals. Whether you still get nervous when a client asks “can I bring my dog?” or you’ve always got your camera bag stocked with squeaky toys, you’ll be able to learn something new as Kelly also shares her notes on working with different species and experiences with giving back in the world of animal adoption. In this presentation Kelly will also be giving a live demonstration of her techniques photographing a dog in a studio setting.

Make sure to join us for Kelly’s presentation!

Wednesday, Nov. 9  7:00-9:00pm

The Grand, 389 Gregory St, Rochester, NY 14620

Social Hour at Tap & Mallet (across from The Grand) from 6:00-7:00pm


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