Upcoming Meeting: A Partnership Presentation

In September, we’re going to welcome two of our own GRPP members, Lori Coleman and Erin Perrotta from Lori & Erin Photography to share their insights on partnerships.

After over 5 years of working together, Lori & Erin have handled both the ups and downs of sharing a business. They know that partnerships aren’t for everyone, but if you’re considering it we have some tips on how and why you’d want to form one. They’ll talk a little about everything from paperwork and helpful technology, to accountability and flexibility, and yes, even finances.

This discussion is for small business owners who may be looking to branch out and grow in a smart and meaningful way. It’s about how your best friend can also be your business partner, and how they’ve not only survived, but thrived as both.

Join us at The Grand, 389 Gregory St, Rochester, NY 14620 on September 14th at 7:00 to learn more!
Social Hour will be at Tap & Mallet across the street from 6:00-7:00.
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