Will Cadena: Lighting on the Run Recap

Oh man, if you weren’t there, you missed a great one. Seriously, we learned SO much from Will Cadena’s Seminar here in Rochester. It’s not every day that a guy with this much energy, skill and love for learning wants to teach others.

We learned some awesome tips and techniques to use flash anywhere. We practiced alongside him, everywhere from a hotel room, the hallway, the dining room, to three stories up.

His red bull fueled energy and awesome personality was completely infectious, and kept the whole room excited for the entire day. Every photographer there learned something new, no matter what their current skill level.

We want to give a huge shout out to Will, his awesome wife Amy and to our two models Laura and Kevin Thompson for sharing the day with us. What a great day of learning!


Shooting into the sun – a before and after shot, with and without the flash, Photos by: Lori & Erin Photography


Using reflections, and flash in the dining room to create dramatic portraits. Photos by: Adrian DeJesus Photography


Will’s personality shows through! Photo by: Lori & Erin Photography


How many photographers fit in one hotel room?

Join us next time, won’t you?

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