Why GRPP and Conventions are Important

So a few weeks ago, the state chapter (PPSNYS) of PPA threw a 3 day “party” called Focus NY. This convention happens every year, and is unique because it came with tons of learning opportunities for photographers across New York State who are members of their local and state chapter of PPA.

Each and every person who attended had the chance to meet and learn from other photographers – some nationally known, some who might be in their neighborhood. What’s great is, everyone has a story to share, and something to teach. Whether you’re a new, part-time, full-time or veteran photographer there’s something to learn from being with a great group of like minded individuals for a few days straight.

Ok, so I hear what you might be saying – “But I can learn everything I need to know about photography from the internet. I don’t need this organization.”

Yes, you can learn a lot from Facebook groups or webinars. But let’s face it, photographers can spend a lot of time alone in front of the computer, with no one to talk to all day except the dog. And Fido can’t give advice.

Online, you don’t get one on one time with nationally acclaimed photographers and speakers. You don’t get to sit down with people you might admire, face to face and ask them important questions.

And you definitely don’t get lasting friendships from the internet. You don’t get a network of professionals, who would have your back if (God forbid) you break your leg the day before a big wedding. You don’t build partnerships and relationships that 20 years from now, are still going strong.

You get that from conventions like Focus NY, and from groups like ours, like GRPP.

I repeat, you don’t get that online.

Written by Erin of Lori & Erin Photography | Photo by Will Cadena Imagery


Roberto Valenzuela leads a class on posing | Photo by Will Cadena Imagery

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