April Recap: Steve Chesler on Sports

Photography comes in many varieties. Landscapes, portraits, weddings, products – and this month we talked about sports. More to the point, we talked about the ins and outs of sports photography thanks to Steve Chelser of Chesler Photography. He’s photographed everything from professional bull riding to little league baseball. It was interesting to learn some tips and ideas on how to improve our shots if we ever have the chance to photograph a game.

We learned a little about how he anticipates a great shot and how instead of takingĀ “boring team photos,” heĀ makes them unique with composites and products that clients love.

Parents love professional images of their little superstars on the field, because there’s no way their iPhone can’t capture that shot! And with unique products like t-shirts and pendants, it’s a slam dunk! (See what I did there?)

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his expertise with us, and to Josh Saunders of Helio Sun Photography for these images from the meeting!

Written by: Erin of Lori & Erin Photography


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