Another Reason to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

We all know someone who has a digital camera nowadays.  We either carry a smart phone with us at all times with a digital camera built-in, or we own at least one digital camera…sometimes two.  And for 90% of your day-to-day life, those may be fine.  But for moments that really matter, like weddings, wedding anniversaries, family reunions and other important family events, nothing replaces a professional photographer for something that needs to be done right..the first time.

“You have a good camera, can you shoot our wedding?” never ended up well.  Cameras don’t take the photos, people do.  Owning an expensive set of tools doesn’t make you a mechanic any more than owning the best scissors available make you a hairdresser.  All it means is that you have money.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and the son and brother of two US presidents, had his wedding ruined when a family member…his younger brother…was asked to shoot his wedding and totally fouled it up.

Click here to see what happened.

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