November Meeting: Leo Timoshuk: A Fresh Approach to Wedding Photography

We have an awesome speaker coming to share with us this month on the topic of fresh wedding photography. Check out Leo’s beautiful work at and read more below!

Plan for the night:
6:00-6:30 Social Hour
6:30-7:00 Image Critique
Be sure to submit your images to Pat Luke ahead of time!
7:00-7:15 Announcements
7:15-9:00 Speaker Presentation

See you there!


My name is Leo Timoshuk & I live in central NY! I’ve recently won a few awards; I was featured in a few magazines, published in a couple of newspapers, and featured on many well known wedding blogs. been privileged to travel and photograph many weddings across the country traveling to Florida & even California. I specialize in wedding photography and I’m very passionate about creating beautiful photos. Although, Its only been 4 years… I’ve come along way & I would love to share my adventure how I managed to get where I am today. On average, I believe wedding photography is one of the least appreciated & underpaid careers in the industry but last week, I booked a $9,400 wedding… I’m not bragging but I feel its important that we realize that we are artists & we need to get paid for being talented professionals.

One thing I would love to share with you is my fresh approach on wedding photography… It might not be completely fresh & new, but it’s a fresh journey of how I managed to work my way up to booking great weddings at beautiful destinations & making sure I wasn’t underpaid. I would love to meet & share with all of you, please join me on November 12… it will be an honor to be able to share with you.


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