Member Spotlight: Deb Woodard

So I missed a month of member spotlight. Sorry everyone! I’ve been a little busy with my new little human…

This month’s spotlight focuses on Deb Woodard of Marwood Photography. She’s been a crucial part of our group for years, and we’re so lucky to have her with us. If you’re looking for advice, or just a good glass of wine with a friend – Deb’s your girl! Get to know her, and her style here on our blog! ~ Erin

Deb headshot TJTHow did you get into photography? In High School I joined camera club and I have been behind the lens ever since. When my daughter started kindergarten I decided to take a photography class offered by John Guyette in Canandaigua. When the class ended he asked me join his staff where I receive possibly the best one on one education for five years. At that time I ventured out on my own, working from my home for several years, before opening a store front studio. In my best year (1992) I photographed 100 seniors and 40 weddings plus numerous events.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Since I am semi retired, I’d like to be in the same place. I normally do an occasional senior and wedding but I have 10 events that I have cultivated over the last 25 years that I still maintain. These are great because they are always the same time each year and generally the same income (no guessing).

Do you have any formal education? Besides the on the job training when I first started I have taken 16 PPSNYS Workshop Classes, attended PPSNYS Conferences, PPA Conference and TEPs around the state.

What has been your greatest achievement? In the industry I was proud to receive my Masters of Photography from PPA in only 4 years. But I am proudest of being selected by my peers to receive the PPA National Award, one of the highest honors in PPA.

How do you stay fresh and creative? Attending workshops and conferences where I can gain knowledge on an individual level. I just took a photoshop class with Richard Sturdevant which I thought would be way beyond my capabilities but surprisingly I stayed in the flow and gained great inspiration.

What is the best piece of gear in your camera bag? I have no best. I’m really not a gear or tech person. My friends all know I don’t speak tech.

What do you wish you knew when you began? More business. I think anyone’s earliest classes should be business and marketing before photography.

Worst day on the job and what you learned? Can’t say as there has been one.

Best day on the job and what you learned? Making people smile when they see their photos for the first time….being hugged by a client for making their day.

3 favorite non­-photo hobbies? Golf (I can brag that I have 2 hole in ones), casinos (I can brag I just won $5000 in Vegas this winter) and traveling. My most favorite trips are with my photo friends. (Sorry family). I also love being with my grandchildren….they are my pride and joy.

Best piece of software? Lightroom.

What is the best business tip you have been given? Stay fresh….especially in this computerized age. If you snooze now, you’ll lose.

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