April Meeting: Adding Cinematography to your Wedding Photo Packages

We are very excited to have the young and very talented Kraig Adams coming to speak to us next month. Come learn how to shoot better video with your DSLR, and how to sell it!

Adding Cinematography to your Wedding Photo Packages

A comprehensive workshop detailing the pros and cons of adding cinema to your wedding packages by either shooting it yourself or by hiring another film company. Part one will teach you what to expect when you begin offering wedding films to your brides and hands-on demonstrations of basic equipment needed for shooting wedding films. Learn about the equipment needed to start, what a typical day of shooting looks like compared to photography and what to expect when editing/delivering the final product. Part two of the workshop will explain what goes into hiring a filmmaker to shoot wedding films for your company. Learn what to expect as far as payment, deliverables and communication.

cinematographer portrait

Kraig Adams on set filming his new web series, Shooting the Bride.

About the Presenter: Kraig Adams

I’m a filmmaker inspired by the magic of movies.

Capturing moments through cinematography has always been a part of my life. From directing home videos with my friends while growing up in Bloomfield, NY, to later studying Television and Film Arts for my undergraduate degree at Buffalo State College, it is clear that my childhood hobby has grown into a profession. I shot my first wedding for my former high school art teacher Amy Wylot in July of 2009. Since then, Kadams Media has grown substantially, allowing myself and my team to shoot genuinely unique moments in the lives of our clients, building relationships while preserving their memories for a lifetime. Other than shooting weddings I enjoy working on larger crews and film sets as a director of photography. I’ve recently begun shooting for reality television shows and have started the development for my own web series pilot called “Shooting the Bride”. Now based in New York City, NY, Kadams Media continues to produce, shoot and edit wedding films as well as manage Open Sea Studios, a commercial film production company and Wedding Film School, an education platform for event filmmakers. Kadams Media prides itself on being committed to it’s primary values: authenticity, artistry and adventure.

See more of Kraig’s work at: http://kadamsmedia.com

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bride & groom on bridge

Photo by Kraig Adams

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