April 2013 President’s Message

Rochester Professional Photographers Win Awards at Photo Northeast

The PhotoNortheast (PNE) convention just ended, and those of us who went have begrudgingly found out way back home.  You see, this convention, which is a joint conference for the Professional Photographers of NY State (PPSNYS) and the Professional Photographers of America-New Jersey (PPANJ), is one of the fastest growing conventions in the photography world.  This year it was at the Marriott in Tarrytown, NY, and the list of speakers was tremendous and the trade show was a real gem.

Our own Deb Woodard is the President of the Photo Northeast convention, and she and her team planned and hosted a top notch convention again.

GRPP President Pat Luke was re-installed on the PPSNYS Executive Board, this time holding the office of Treasurer.

GRPP made a rather impressive showing the Monday evening Awards Banquet, as four GRPP members won awards…some of them more than one.

Award Winners:

Pat Luke
     PPSNYS State Award

Deb Woodard
     PPSNYS President’s Award
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Solitude)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Splash Bath)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Speak of the Devil)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Watchful Eye)
     Print Competition –  PNE Court of Honor, Illustrative Category (Splash Bath)
     Print Competition320 Print Case

Chris Kogut
Print Competition –  Print Merit (Bending to the Task)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Evening Light)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Pathway to Nirvana)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Buddha Master)
     Print Competition –  PPSNYS Court of Honor, Illustrative Category (Evening Light)
     Print Competition –  PNE Court of Honor, Illustrative Category (Pathway to Nirvana)
     Print Competition –  PNE Court of Honor, Illustrative Category (Bending to the Task)
     Print Competition –  Canon Par Excellence Award (Crystal Trophy and a Canon DSLR camera)
     Print Competition – 320 Print Case

Dick Bennett
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Morning Commute)
     Print Competition –  Print Merit (Solitude)
     Print Competition –  PPSNYS Court of Honor, Illustrative Category (Serenity)
     Print Competition – PNE LexJet Crystal (Solitude)
     Print Competition – PPSNYS Perfect Score (Solitude)
     Print Competition – Best in NY State (Solitude)
     Print Competition – 320 Print Case

A very special congratulations to Dick Bennett, whose image Solitude achieved a very rare perfect score of 100 during print competition judging.


Splash Bath – Deb Woodard

Speak of the Devil – Deb Woodard

Solitude in the Storm – Deb Woodard

Watchful Eye – Deb Woodard

Pathway to Nirvana – Chris Kogut

Evening Light – Chris Kogut

Bending to the Task – Chris Kogut

Buddha Master – Chris Kogut

Evening Commute – Dick Bennett

Solitude – Dick Bennett


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