February 2013 President’s Message

On the dawn after America’s biggest unofficial holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, we trudge through America’s 2nd largest unofficial holiday, Super Bowl Monday, when we suffer the effects of too much eating, drinking, and arguing of the merits of one commercial over another from the night before.


This weekend also marks the unofficial halfway mark of the winter season here in the Northeast.  As photographers, our businesses are typically slower during this time than at any other time of the year.  It becomes a perfect time to re-tool your studios, revise your price lists, or just take a mental break.  During slow times in the winter, I try to kick start my creativity, which suffers a little bit when I feel like I’m stuck inside, and the outside weather renders everything in monotones of grey and brown.
Just before I start to feel like I’m in the eerie Stanley Kubrick film The Shining and start breaking through the bathroom door with an ax yelling, “Heeeere’s Johnny!”, I try something a little different.  Sometimes I challenge myself to shoot something that I’ve never tried in the studio.  Sometimes I practice my other creative outlets, like drawing, painting, or woodworking.  You might even try learning a new skill altogether, whether it’s knitting, ikebana, playing guitar, or making a video.  Learning new skills cause different synapses in your brain to start firing and can help change your thought processes.  And because we are not as crazy busy as usual, we can actual concentrate on what we’re doing, not multi-tasking, and the learning process is much faster.

I always find that, after pursuing other creative activities, I feel refreshed, and I sometime find that look at things a whole new way.  It sparks my photographic creativity, which rejuvenates me and my business.  Your customers will thank you.  And so will your bathroom door.


This Month’s Meeting:

During the social hour at this month’s meeting, we encourage you to bring in images, either prints or digital files, for an image review.  The entry period for the Photo Northeast Print Competition runs from Feb. 15th – Mar. 15th, and we want anyone who is planning on entering to get a valuable peer review prior to submission.  Even if you are not planning on entering the print competition, this image review is a valuable tool for you to get different sets of experienced eyes on your work, and we can offer tips on improving your photographic process.

Our February meeting will be presented by Deborah Mourey.  A college professor, blogger, speaker, workshop leader and consultant, Deborah entertains and informs audiences around the country in marketing best practices.  She has worked in industrial, non profit and government environments.  She considers herself to be a shoe string marketer; looking to find ways to connect with others drive profitable revenue.

Through demonstration and website critiques, Deb will present to us some great tips on how to make your website more effective to gain clients you want! Be prepared to share!

Social hour begins at 6:00 pm. Presentation is from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Meeting Place is at Lumiere Photo, 100 College Ave, Rochester, NY

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