January 2013 President’s Message

GRPP January 2013 Meeting - A Fresh Start

The celebrations on New Year’s Eve go back thousands of years, when ancient Romans
celebrated a time of rebirth after the winter solstice.  It’s a time of starting fresh.  In fact,
in some towns in Italy, the idea of starting the new year fresh actually prompts some
people to throw chairs, sofas and even refrigerators out the windows on New Year’s Eve.
That’s known to occasionally happen here in the United States…
but usually involves large amounts of alcohol.

I hope you all had a very happy and safe holiday season, spent with your family and
loved ones.  I know I needed some time away from the studio, and actually shut everything
down for 10 days or so.  By now, most of you are back at it after a much needed break,
and ready to start off the year fresh with big expectations and new ideas for 2013.
I’ll just make one request, please warn your neighbors before you toss your sofa out the window.


Pat Luke
GRPP President

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