May 2012 President’s Newsletter

Greater Rochester Professional Photographers Newsletter







May Day! May Day!  I have to apologize for the lateness of this newsletter.  May is only a week old, and it’s already gotten away from me.


New GRPP Members

We’ve kept up our trend of the most rapidly growing section in the state by welcoming three new members in the last month:

  • Mark Konezny
  • Rita Everett, AE Creative Event Photography, LLC;
  • Amanda Belluco.

If you see someone that you don’t recognize at any upcoming meetings, please walk over to them and give them a big GRPP welcome them to the group.



 PPSNYS Workshop Scholarships

Linda Hayes and Thomas Podewils were the winners of the two annual scholarships to this summer’s workshop that were drawn at last month’s meeting.  If you haven’t already signed up for this incredible offer, then you need to join Linda, Tom and the rest of us by letting your fingers do the walking and clicking:

 Social Events

We are trying to plan a couple of GRPP social events this year outside of our normal meeting night.  One of the events we’d like to bring back would be the October Wine Tasting, which was a very popular event when we had it in 2010.  Another might be a Happy Hour (sense a theme here?), or a tour at one of our local museums of creative art.  We have one of our top social event planners on the case, and we’ll be sharing the details with you as soon as they are solidified.

The Year of Education (continued)

  Fuzzy Duenkel Seminar in Rochester, NY

In case you had not heard yet, we have booked a tremendous seminar in November 2012.  The very talented Fuzzy Deunkel will bring his talents to Rochester on November 4th, for a full-day program called Go Home Live.  If you have not heard of Fuzzy, he is widely considered one of the best HS Senior portrait photographers in the country, and is a very well-respected and asked -for speaker.  Mark it on your calendar…you won’t want to miss this one!





This Month’s’ Meeting Topic

Referral Institute, Ithaca, NY

If you’ve ever asked, “Why Aren’t They Giving Me Referrals” then this presentation might be right for you.  David Makar, from the Referral Institute in Ithaca, NY will cover the VCP ProcessTM and help participants understand where referrals come from and why the relationship makes a difference.  Participants will learn about visibility, credibility, and profitability relationships and networking.

This presentation will cover numerous topics, including:

    • the basics of generating referrals,
    • developing long-range strategies for referral generation,
    • identifying sources and resources for networking and
    • lead-generation.

 The program will last approximately 75 minutes with 15 minutes of Question and Answer (Ask the Networking Guru).

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