March 2012 GRPP President’s Newsletter

February is the shortest month of the year, and usually brings in some of the first feelings of cabin fever over the usually long winter.  Although we were granted one more February day this year through the astronomical magic of the Leap Year, thankfully it’s been a very mild winter, so we’ve not all been house-bound on weeknights and weekends.

For me, this was an unusually long month, as I spent 28 of the 29 days in my mew studio, getting it ready for occupation.  Thankfully February was not any longer than it was.  There aren’t enough band-aids and Advil to get me through a longer month.


New GRPP Members

First off this month, I’d like to introduce several new members that have joined GRPP in the last couple of months:

  • Asif Ali – A Touch of Elegance Photography
  • Dick Bennett – Dick Bennett Photography
  • Jay and Oksana Gardner – Gardner Photography
  • John Schlia – Watermark Photography
  • Rita Adler -Everett, AE Creative Event Photography, LLC
If you see someone that you don’t recognize at any upcoming meetings, please walk over to them and welcome them to the group.


Membership Levels

For those of you that are not aware, there are different levels of membership in GRPP.  The most common level of membership is the Active member, but there are others that you might not be aware of.  Here the different levels:

Active – Full or part-time professional photographers of ethical standards, owners, part-owners, or managers of studios or industrial photographic departments.  Must have insurance and Tax ID number, or be employed by a studio that does. This is a joint membership with PPSNYS and GRPP.  Includes all voting privileges in PPSNYS and local chapter matters.  Cost: $275

Associate – Full or part-time photographers of ethical standards working for a photography business that already includes an Active member of PPSNYS/GRPP.  In other words, if the primary person in the business is an Active member, additional people from the same studio can join GRPP as Associate members.  This membership level does not include PPSNYS membership and does not include voting privileges in PPSNYS or local chapter matters.  Cost: $85

Allied– Owners, managers, or sales representatives of suppliers, labs, or photographic manufacturers.  This membership level does not include PPSNYS membership and does not include voting privileges in PPSNYS or local chapter matters.  Cost: $85


This Month’s’ Meeting Topic

Are you struggling with PhotoShop, LightRoom or InDesign?  Or is there something you always wanted to do with one of these software applications, but not sure where to start?  Our GRPP March meeting will be facilitated by a few of our own members who will show you a trick or two and be available to answer questions.

We’ll have a table set up for each software with a facilitator to help you.  There will not be individual presentations, but informal walk up discussions at each of the tables.


  • Tim Toal – Lightroom
  • D. Brent Walton – Photoshop
  • Erin Perotta & Lori Coleman – InDesign
The meeting will be at Lumiere Photo and will begin at 7:00 pm.Social hour begins at 6:00 pm.


Business Tip of the Month

5 Habits of Successful People

  1. Always do what you promise to do, without excuses or procrastination, in high-quality ways (show up on time, be well-groomed, be pleasant, be knowledgeable, etc.) and always with a smile. It’s OK to exceed a promise but never under-deliver a promise.  Once attached, the bad rap (of being unreliable) is very hard to separate from.
  2. Always communicate in a professional way.  Be fanatical about typos and grammatical errors in all correspondence sent out.  You want your audience to consume only the best from you.
  3. Educate yourself.  Daily.  Be in a constant state of learning.  Extract daily kernels of knowledge.  Don’t discard or dismiss any experience without first vetting it for that hidden kernel.
  4. Take care of your emotional state.  Get quality rest, eat healthful food, and don’t give up play time.
  5. Learn financial management.  Spend less than you earn.


Marketing Tip of the Month

Don’t compete, create!  Create your own markets.
Don’t do what the other studios in town are doing, only cheaper.  Be different!
Create your own products.  Create your own customers.  Create your own style.


PPSNYS Workshop Scholarships

For those of you that have not attended the PPSNYS Summer Workshop, you are really missing out.  It is one of the best values in a week-long school in the country.  If you’ve thought of going, but needed a little incentive to go, we will be drawing two names at April’s meeting that will each receive a $100 scholarship to the 2012 workshop.  An alternate name will be drawn in case one of the winners cannot go.  You do not have to be registered for the workshop to be entered into the drawing.  Winning a scholarship might be it the incentive you need to register.  Here are the pre-requisites to enter the drawing:

  • Must be a paid-up Active member in good standing
  • Must have been to at least 6 meetings in the last year
  • Must be present to win

One of the scholarships is sponsored by PPSNYS.
The 2nd scholarship is sponsored by GRPP, and named in honor of our friend, Sam DeNoto, a GRPP member who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2009.


I look forward to seeing you at March’s meeting!

Patrick Luke
GRPP President

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