Being a Princess: Behind the Scenes

This year, we’ve decided to re-visit a popular activity from several years ago.  Our end-of-the-year celebration will include a “night at the theater”.  However, this is no ordinary night.

To celebrate the year’s end, we will be taking in a showing of “Disenchanted – The Bitches of the Kingdom” at the Downstairs Cabaret Theater.  You know all those fairy tale princess stories you read to your kids when they were small?  Now the princesses are all grown up and you’ll hear all the sordid details and listen to them comically kvetch about the exploitation they’ve suffered in today’s animated films, theme parks and pop cultures.  This is not a show for your kids.


Ladies: think twice before you kiss that frog.
Guys: Prince Charming has nothing on you.

The cost is $25/person, which includes one ticket to the show, a small private reception with coffee and dessert afterward, and a selection of wines from Heron Hill winery.

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Date:  Wednesday, December 14
Time:  6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location:  Downstairs Cabaret Theater, 540 East Main Street (near Eastman Theatre) Rochester, NY

GRPP Members: bring your family and friends.
Come join us in a celebration of making it through 2011 and hitting 2012 in full force.

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