New Certified Professional Photographer Study Group

Network and learn with other Greater Rochester Professional Photographers in the next official CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) Study Group! You do not have to take the CPP exam to attend the group, however it is encouraged. Sign up to meet weekly with fellow GRPPsters to hone your craft and fine tune your skill as well as make new friends!

CPP Study Group Orientation
A kickoff meeting to discuss the chapter outline/schedule, choose a Group Leader, pick a permanent date/time/location to meet weekly.
January 11, 2011 6 PM
Panera Bread at 12 corners
Active and paid members of GRPP/PPSNYS who are interested in spending the winter geeking out with other Photographers in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas

Paul Freeman will get you all started and will be the contact for this kickoff meeting. After that, you may ask Paul, Bob Steere or Brent Walton for guidance/ideas.

First some key points regarding the CPP certification.

** CPP Certification is through PPA and you need to be a PPA member in order to take the exam.
** GRPP & PPSNYS membership is also required.
** To be certified, you need to pass the exam and also the photo review. See the photo submission PDF attachment.
** You can be a member of the CPP study group without planning on taking the exam.

To prepare for the exam, our study group followed the 10 week chapter study outline from Brent Walton’s study group (why deviate from success?). The book is “Photography” ninth edition by London, Stone & Upton So the chapters for a particular week were assigned to our study group members, who would lead the discussion on the following week. This included a review of chapter questions at

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