ASMP Meeting

American Society of Media Photographers is offering a free course on accepting credit cards….

Why shoot film when you can get instant results with a digital camera?
Why mail a letter via the US Post when you can send an email and have delivered immediately?
Why wait 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid by clients when you can accept a credit card and get paid in minutes?
Rochester photographer Walter Colley and Robert Hammond of Infintech LLC,, will be covering the bases on credit card processing for the commercial photography business.  Walter will be sharing his experiences of how credit processing has helped his photography business and Robert will explain how credit card processing works.
What you will learn:
•    How credit cards processing can help you in negotiating a contract.
•    What do clients think about credit card processing?
•    Getting paid upon delivery.
•    How does credit card processing work and what is the cost?
•    How to get started collecting credit cards.
Please join us:
When: Monday October 18, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.
Where:  Booksmart Studio, 250 North Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14607

Cost is free and open to non-members of ASMP.

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