August 11th – Greater Rochester Professional Photographers picnic at Bay Creek Paddling Center!

Come out with your family on Wednesday August 11th and spend the evening on a kayak ride through Irondequoit Bay! Work up an appetite laughing and paddling as you look forward to all the goodies a picnic provides too as we meet up after wards at nearby Ellison Park.

Please be AT Bay Creek Paddling BY 4pm.  You will paddle from about 4:30 to 5:30pm  and will head back to (click ‘Ellison Park’ for the map) Ellison Park (Roadside Shelter) by 6pm where the BBQ will be ready! 🙂   We’ll spend the rest of the evening enjoying a picnic, mingling, and games!  We’ll have a lot of space, so feel free to bring your own games too!  (Badminton anyone?)

**If you Can’t make it to Bay Creek by 4pm, then just come to the picnic around 5/5:30…we’ll eat around 6pm.
They have 2 people canoes, 2 people kayaks, and 1 person kayaks.
The canoe can hold 2 children with 2 adults as well.
The canoe and 2 person kayak is $8 per person, and the single kayak is $16
When you’re done, come on over for the BBQ at the Roadside Shelter at Ellison Park
590 to Blossom…go through the first traffic light at the top of the park (Park is on the left) and keep going down the hill …entrance on the left.
GRPP officers will take care of the meats/veggie meats, condiments, napkins, utensils, cups, and plates.  All side dishes, desserts, salads are happily welcomed by our members.

Thanks to the few volunteers so far!

Terri Parthum: Guacamole
Kathy Pieters: Taco Dip
Paul Freeman: TBA
Michael Fisher : Caesar salad
Bob Steere: pasta salad
Steve Craddock: cookie bars
Pat Luke: cookies
Danielle Zielinski: dessert
Sue Egan: Watermelon
Erin Perrotta: water

Here’s a link to the map of the park along with the trails;  and some basic info about our pavilion:

*Athletic Fields nearby (rented separately)
1 Large grill
2 eight foot tables outside
27 parking spaces in  adjacent lot
8 eight foot tables inside
Ball field nearby
Flush toilets (150 yards, not handicap accessible)
Playground nearby
Water outside nearby

I will have my cell phone on me so give me a call if you need help
585 224 5612
BYOB/drinks  – we will have water though
I think that’s everything ~ sorry for any confusion!!  Hope you can make it ~ don’t forget to bring games!  Did I mention games?  🙂

Linda Dow Hayes graciously opened her home and back yard to us last year and we had a GREAT time; click here to see!
We’re gonna have fun ~ bring your cameras!  Any photos will be linked back to YOUR site which is great exposure!  See you soon!

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