Today is Earth Day, so think about Greener Photography…

Rochester, NY Wedding and Portrait Photographer, McKay’s Photography is very excited to announce their acceptance into Greener Photography’s Leadership circle! Heather McKay has been adding new products with sustainability in mind for years. McKay’s Photography is also always looking to her vendors to offer alternatives to the status quo as she has built the business. The main album company used by McKay’s Photography is Capri Albums and they were chosen just because they had non-leather alternatives at the time when not many other companies did. Thankfully, environmental consciousness has become trendy and the options are growing by the minute!

In addition to the products sold, Heather has been running her business with green practices in mind from the beginning. This year, however, McKay’s Photography will continue this path with more frequent use of electronic invoicing of clients as well as marketing and advertising initiatives. McKay’s Photography is the first studio in Rochester, NY to offer digital files on USB (or Jump) drives instead of DVDs/CDs and has lead the way with packaging vendors to offer boxes for this media.

Heather is very proud that McKay’s Photography was awarded the Leadership Circle of Membership with Greener Photography with having only done what came naturally and organically with the greater good in mind. Core Values:

Photography is an art form that allows each of us to interpret the world around us. The nature of our tools and traditional materials makes photography a high-tech field; it is an energy-intensive activity. We believe that we can make our high-tech field more green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices, and encouraging suppliers to do the same.

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