March Meeting – “InDesign” with Margaret Boecker

Photos by: Denise Batiste (GRPP Event Photographer)

Guest speaker, Margaret Boecker from the Community Darkroom, is an assistant instructor for the Adobe program “In Design”. She will be sharing basics and tips on the professional album designing software.

Adobe In Design is currently the industry standard for page layout programs. It is designed to be compatible with other Abode products and contains many of the features
found in programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.  In Design is a powerful tool for graphic designers and creative professionals looking to publish graphic materials.

Class Objective

1. Create multi-page documents containing pictures, text and other graphic elements.

2. Preparing photos and graphics for use with InDesign.

3. Saving your documents to be published or viewed on the web.

Date and Time:

Wednesday, March 10th
6-7 is networking, print critique
7-7:30 is GRPP and PPSNYS updates (Conference, Workshop, etc)
7:30-9 will be Margaret’s presentation
Hope to see you there!

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