President’s Message from Heather McKay

Well 2010 is looking like it will be a landmark year for GRPP! I am so happy to see so many talented Photographers coming to the meetings and participating in our group. With a full set of Officers this year, we are sure to have a great year of monthly programs as well as streamlined communication.

Current 2010 GRPP Officers are:
President, Heather McKay (
Programs, Sue Egan (
Treasurer, Patrick Luke (
Membership/Website, Scott Crist (
Secretary/Publicity, Terri Parthum (
Meeting Photographer, Denise Batiste (

Congratulations to Erin Perrotta for winning the GRPP new logo contest! Erin has won one year’s worth of GRPP dues (an $85 value) for her hard work coming up with a modern logo for GRPP.

Our meeting attendance is gaining ground and this is very exciting! Not only are new members signing up each month, but they are coming back for more. Hopefully this means that we are a welcoming group with practical information being presented each month. Sue has done a great job lining up some awesome programs this year and if you want a sneak peek, then check out GRPP’s Facebook Group for more information or check back here regularly.

Another exciting development for 2010 are our new Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) study groups! The first group just finished their 12 weeks and are continuing to meet each week to practice everything that was learned. We all had “a ha!” moments going through each chapter and it was also an excellent way to really get to know other GRPP members and their strengths! The next CPP study group is set to meet this coming week to determine the times/locations of their weekly meetings and to get an over view of what to expect. If you are interested in joining the next study group, please contact Robert (Bob) Steere for more information… or 377-4037.

The PPSNYS Convention and Trade Show is coming up in Albany on March 25-28 and is an invaluable resource of information. If you want to see where your PPSNYS/GRPP dues are going, this is the place to be! We have an awesome group of Photographers who run the Council and the Conference Committee has done an outstanding job lining up amazing speakers, vendors and activities for this event! Our very own, Deb Woodard, has been instrumental in making the Convention a success (and FUN!). We will have carpooling and room-sharing information on the Facebook Group Discussion Board, or you can contact Deb at for more information on the GRPP Hospitality Suite and other logistics.

Have a great winter and thanks again to all of my Officers for volunteering their time and expertise to make GRPP the premiere photographic group in Rochester, NY!

See you at the next GRPP meeting!
Heather McKay
GRPP President
McKay’s Photography

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